Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Must See Event

I just found out that on October 14th Steve Tyree is going to speak at the next Bay area reefers meeting on coral propagation as a business. If you don't who steve is or whar he does check out his web site:

I will definately be attending maybe a few of us can car pool the 14th is a saturday and it starts at 1pm and the meeting is in hayward. For directions and more info go to
I am really looking forward to this the last time saw steve talk was I think back in 1996 at the San francisco aquarium society meeting i'm not sure. Check out Steve's web site it is great.

Keep on reefin'

Monday, September 25, 2006

I Love The Smell Of Skimate In The Morning

I was given this over sized Euro-Reef RC-500 by my boss at Caesars. It just did not fit right on the 300 gallon reef. So I took it home. It's an external model. But I am going to put in a sump. I have had a couple of these lg. external skimmers leak from the seals around the pump. I'm not going to let that happen again. I have used a number euro-reefs skimmers and love the ease of the plug and play design it's great. My favorite euro-reef model is their smallest it is the RS-80 it is rated to only +/- 80 gallons. But it will out work anything that is comparable to its size.
The last time I was impressed with a skimmer was back in 1984 when I bought my first Sanders skimmer. It was 30" tall and had two large lime wood airstones, a Dynamaster piston pump to run it. I remember thinking that it couldn't get better than this. Oh how time fly's when your messing around with your reef tank. If you have opinions on skimmer brands or anything else feel free to post a comment.

Keep on Reefin'

Friday, September 22, 2006

More Rants

I has been a while since I have posted anything it is amazing how life can just be so crazy. Now since everything has calmed down I am going to get back to business.
I wanted to remained everyone that the next Northcoast Reefers Club meeting is on Oct 9th at the Russian River Brewery on 4th st. In Santa Rosa at 7pm. I am going to give a talk on the variety of media that is at our disposal to learn as much as we can about reefkeeping. And how to wade through the B.S. that is posted all over the internet from the wantabe's on many of the chat forums to the guy's at your local fish store. By the way don't even believe the info that I post here go out and do your own research and then decide if you can deem it reliable. I am also going to bring a few speices of macro-algae to share. It should be a fun night.