Thursday, March 09, 2006

Open Sharing of Information

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a long time friend who shall stay anonymous. He has been keeping reef tanks for well over 10 years and is now dealing in rare marine fish. He told me that he was finished with having people over to see his tanks because they just want to know where he got a certain fish or coral. Trying to find out his sources, and just pumping him for information about his techniques on reef keeping.
I respect his views but I feel that he is so wrong, communication between hobbyists is crucial. Of course he would not be where he is without other hobbyists sharing information with him.
So, I wonder were would the hobby be without the sharing of ideas anecdotal, scientific or just plain crazy ones.
Even though I have a background in marine biology most of my practical hands on info has come from talking to other aquarists and by trial and error with my own tanks and passing on what works and doesn't work.

I curious to find out what people think about this subject.

Keep on Reefin'


Monday, March 06, 2006

New Reef Club in Sonoma County

There is some very exiting news out of the Northbay. A new and I think the only reef club has formed called The North Coast Reefers. There has been a few meetings, one about every two months. It is my understanding the group is going to start meeting once a month. If you want to subscribe to their newsletter here is the link

The next meeting is March 10th at 7pm directions to the location is in the newsletter.
Hope to see you there.

I was at and I noticed that one one of there articles they had a pod cast about the article. It turns out there is a web site that is pod casting information on reef tanks it is really great! I encourage everyone to check it out.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome reef geeks!
Most of the discussion will be about reef aquariums. But I may touch on many other aspects of the aquarium hobby from African Cichlids to Amano planted aquariums but I will mainly focus on the reef keeping aspect of the hobby.
I have been keeping aquariums for most of the thirty seven years that I have been walking and swimming on this wonderful blue orb we call Earth. I have kept most every type of fish at one time or another. And have tried every concievable method of fish keeping from reverse undergravel to the Ing method.
But this does not prevent me from learning new things everyday, that is what has kept me going for so long in this hobby.

My hope is to share Ideas and thoughts and get feedback from you the reader to create a dialog that will help us all become more aware of what we are thinking and doing in the aquarium hobby.

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